At just 8 months old Vinnie was a victim of bad ownership, poor lack of research and general lack of dog knowledge. Vinnie’s owners took him to the vets to be put to sleep; luckily the vets phoned us as they simply couldn’t do it to such a young dog. Vinnie was EXTREMELY lucky- there are so many who never get spoken about and are simply put straight to sleep.


Vinnie’s owners thought he was aggressive as he mouthed when playing- actually this was simply a case of bad puppy behaviour! And now, 1 month later, Vinnie has an AMAZING FOREVER home, with his mum, dad and older doggy friend. Vinnie is learning all the basics that no one ever bothered to teach him and he is coming along beautifully! Vinnie has been learning sit, stay, paw, wait and bed and has recently been on a family canal holiday!

 A breath of life

Like so many dogs Vinnie’s original owners did NO research on him and knew nothing about the breed (English bull terriers), they had very young children (one was a baby) and they knew nothing about puppy training. His life was nearly lost due to breed ignorance so we urge EVERYONE to please. RESEARCH THE BREED!




Hector was found on the streets in Romania and would have faced a violent death out there at the hands of the dog catchers. Here he is now all happy and settled in his forever home. He is a really affectionate boy who LOVES his cuddles.



Lovely OAP Buster found himself in a tragic situation in kennels when his owner passed away and the family were unable to keep him.It was heartbreaking to see such an old boy in kennels. Here he is now happily adopted and living out his final years with a family who love him hugely.



Bob came over from Romania in April 2014 and found his home fairly quickly with a perfect family who have adored him since they laid eyes on him!

 Here he is on his woodland walk.



Chance- one of the very first dogs we worked with, a special boy who brought us all together as a team.

 Chance was found abandoned and we had no choice but to kennel him and find his forever home!

 He really struggled with kennel life which was very sad to see. Chance now lives with a lovely policeman and is top dog!



Hairy Harry- this cheeky chappy was a difficult lad who disliked many things including hoodies and trainers! This made him difficult in public and put people off of him.

 Harry now lives his life out at an animal Sanctuary where he has free run, no stress and lots of love! All hoody and trainer free of course!