Rescued – More



 Reggie came to the UK last month and his foster mum simply couldn’t let him go, he makes her so happy that being without him just wouldn’t be right….less than a week after she had him she adopted him!

 Reggie is now living a life by the seaside enjoying lovely long walks and not having to live in fear of dog catchers and the brutality that so many dogs in Romania are facing.



Blue was taken to the vets to be PTS he was only 2. Due to a family breakdown the owner couldn’t cope so off to the vets he went. The vet rang us and we got him a kennel space- huge thank you Manston Kennels!


He went on his two week trial and now has been officially adopted and renamed Roly…now also sporting a new hair do. A very happy boy.



Honey (right) was in a terrible situation and luckily caught the attention of one of our team. She was facing being put to sleep due to behavioural problems- namely being extremely hyper!


We took her into kennels for many months and then came the time the kennels could no longer keep her. In the nick of time Devon Dog Behaviour came along and took her into their sanctuary…she was soon trained up, and adopted by one of their best supporters!


She now lives a perfect life with her best friend Hugo, spoilt like a true Princess. Thank you to Devon Dog Behaviour for giving her the lifeline she needed to progress in her life and find her forever home.


Another little Honey that was facing being put to sleep! Honey was a real sweetie who eventually found a perfect forever home.


Milo & Jill


These scardy babies were a victim of over-breeding and pure cruelty. Milo and Jill were being given away for free on an internet selling page. A few days later we were called to collect two scared dogs that the owners didn’t know what to do with.


We arrived to find Milo (right) under the table shacking, peeing everywhere and absolutely petrified. He had clearly been badly beaten. His nails were worn down to nearly nothing- a sign he had spent most of his first 6 months of life on a concrete surface.


Both Milo and Jill had been frightened terribly in their short lives and although their confidence is still building they are still easily frightened. They now live with Yasmine and Michelle who help run Angels 4 Dogs. They help to get new dogs socialised which in turn helps to build their confidence.


We see lots of terrible cases but it is heart breaking to see any animal beaten down so badly that they can barely move in your company.