Young - Female
Adoptable Small Mix



Ginni is an approximately 4 year old small size crossbreed female.

We would consider a home for her with other dogs, she currently lives with two other Saluki type dogs and gets on very well with them. She will need someone who is fairly dog savvy. She does well with other dogs for company. Not cat tested and we would consider a home with children 10 plus for her. She is a great little dog he just needs a little bit of time to get to know you before before you see her full character.

Here is what her foster mum has said about her:

Ginni can be a little barky to start with but if ignored by visitors and firmly shushed by me or them she calms quickly. She’s never barky with children. In fact she barks at my daughter if she tells my grandson off. She does need someone who is secure in themselves and so she doesn’t feel the need to be protective. She’s just barky because she’s excited and a bit nervous. She’s a really nice little dog but definitely needs someone with the patience to let her develop and help her growth. Yes she’s bossy and can be a little reactive but we’re working on it and she’s much improved. But she is a barky dog and probably will always be one. She barks when I put her lead on, she barks when someone knocks on the door, when she’s excited on the way to the park, at the seagulls, at flies, when she’s playing with the boys. I guess some dogs just are barky!