Floki is a gorgeous 18 month old medium sized crossbreed. He has been rehomed a couple of times and sadly come back to us for the same reason. He mouths and is over the top at times especially when an only pet, so he would need another dog for company in the home. He has not had the training he needed in those homes, so we will now only consider homes who will embark on a training course with a local group agreed mutually between us and this will need to be signed up for prior to adoption. He is an excitable chap at times but he is also very friendly and loving. You will be required to meet him multiple times over weeks with his foster family to ensure we feel you will do the training he needs as it is not fair for him to go to another home and be returned for the same reason that we have explained many times.

Floki is fabulous with other dogs and lives with 3 others at present. He would be best without cats in the home. He can be left in his current foster home for short periods, however this will need to be built up again once he goes to a new home. He has chewed some bits in the home and we are looking for a family who understand young dogs do this and someone who is happy to work through the usual phases on a young dog. He lives with children 10 years plus who are very dog savvy and don’t allow his mouthing, so we would consider a dog savvy child 10 years plus in the home. Having trained with him he is a great listener and very keen to please, he works hard for food and is easily bought round. He is good on the lead and generally a really funny cheeky chap to be around. He has had a string of bad luck this year and we will not allow him to go to a home that are not 100% committed to training with him and enjoying him.

Currently in Thanet Kent, If you could love Floki please complete our application form on our website.