OAP and Permanent Resident Dogs

At Angels 4 Dogs Rescue we always have a number of dogs who are with us for the rest of their lives be it because of behaviour problems or because of their ill health and/or older age. It is vital to us to be able to offer this and foster homes ensure that these dogs remain in the comfort of a home for the rest of their lives whilst we cover all medical care until the time comes they are ready to leave this world. 

On this page you will see some of the dogs who are with us and those who have left us but will never be forgotten. It is always a privilege to be able to care for them after so many have been through such tough lives. 

Buster- Staffie
Buster, is around 10 years old, sadly his owner passed away and he had no family to take him on. He found his way to us and it became apparent he had some leg problems going on. He was lucky to land in a wonderful foster home and since having had xrays we have found he has spondylytis of the spine. This is a condition that cannot be cured just managed until the time comes that he is ready to leave. He is a very happy chap now and is enjoying life very much being very spoilt! We assess his medication often with the vet and ensure he is happy and comfortable. He will remain with us for the rest of his life. 

Sweet dreams to Skip who left us peacefully in his foster mums arms knowing so very much love in 2019. Skip – Jack Russel 

Skip, is a 13 year old jack Russel who was found alone, scared and malnourished, a little bag of bones in a field. Unfortunately no one came forward to collect him, and the kennels were no place for this sweet old boy, who just needed a chance to live out his life.

He has now been taken in for care and has had all of his damaged and worn out teeth removed and polished. Given a second chance, Skip, is now living his life in care and comfort.

He is in a long-term foster home now for the rest of his days, so we will support him until the very end with any vet bills. Skip is a very cherished boy now and we are so pleased he will live out his days being truly loved.


Sweet Dreams to Roxy who fell asleep forever peacefully at home with her foster family in 2019. Roxy – Staffie

After Roxy’s owner had been sent to prisoner, she was sadly left behind in the flat that she used to be cared for in. After the landlord got in touch with us, based on his concern that a larger charity would put Roxy down, because of her older age, as well as being a rather anxious dog in personality.

Sadly Roxy was covered in her own urine and had extremely sore skin from the flea bites she was suffering with, based on her lack of care and increased anxiety effecting her health.

Unfortunately she now has the early stages of cancer forming, so we hope to make the last of her moments as comfortable as possible, whilst she is with us. She loves soft blankets and cuddles and is genuinely a sweet girl.

Sweet dreams to little Ellie who fell asleep peacefully with her foster family knowing so very much love in 2018. Ellie (Staffie)

A sweet dog at heart, Ellie is a 14 year old Staffie, who was left with another dog in a flat for a few weeks, alone and confused as to why her original owners had left her. Both of the dogs came into our care, but it was clear, Ellie had lost a lot of weight and was forming cancerous lumps on her leg.

Thankfully Ellie has gone into long-term fostering now, where we cover her food and vet bills. She is a very much cherished member of our pack and is loved dearly. It’s truly lovely to see her happy and comfortable now.

Her little friend, Tyson, was also – too a loving family. Ellie however unfortunately has cancer and sometimes she can lose her footing, the tumour cannot be removed and sadly her time is limited somewhat. She is extremely happy at the moment and enjoying the comforts of a loving home to spend the rest of her days.