How you can help!

Firstly we would like to thank you for visiting our page, and are grateful for the time that you have taken to explore the site.  There are many ways that you can help, including simply liking our Facebook page, to donating whatever you can to our cause.

What you can donate…

We hope you will consider supporting us as we try to grow the rescue and find a place to call our own where the dogs who need to stay forever can and the dogs who just need our help while they try to find a forever home can be safe and get all they need ❤️🐕❤️

At Angels 4 Dogs Rescue, we have been rescuing and re-homing dogs since 2011 and have managed to get by with a couple of reliable foster homes and an amazing local private boarding kennels. We struggle to find people who can foster the bigger dogs and as such they often need to wait in kennels, it is simply vital to what we do. Not having a base means we have to turn so many away.

For so many years we have thought about having our own kennels and what sort of doors this would open for the dogs. At present not having the dogs with us makes it very hard to do all the behavioural work that is needed as there simply isn’t the space or a place to do it. We are increasingly asked to take dogs that need a lot more time than we are able to give with our current set up and we often know that in having to say no they will be euthanised. This is a heartbreaking fact of rescue; we simply cannot save them all. We want to make a bigger change for the dogs that come into our care and have a premises in which they can receive 5 star care and the behavioural work that gets them to the stage they are ready to be re-homed, a consistent training programme, the attention they need daily, and the space to give them some time out. We have a number of dogs who are also permanent residents due to their behaviours (some are too frightened of humans due to the abuse they have suffered, some are subject to court orders and cannot leave and others are simply not adjusted to a home lifestyle) and to be able to improve their lifestyles by giving them a place that they can be with us always and have more freedom would simply mean the world, not just to us, but also to them.

We have found a few properties in the past that were amazing and offered so much potential but a complete lack of funds means that being able to purchase any property is simply a pipe dream. So the only practical thing we can do is start to build a foundation so that when a property comes available we have the funds to move forward. We cannot put a timescale on this as we simply do not know what sort of funds to expect and we have to find the right property too. Though I hope, within time, we can build a fund that will allow us to see this come to fruition-we would love to be able achieve this within the next couple of years.

We have some amazing supporters but embarking on having a premise for the dogs is a whole new level! Sadly properties where we are based are quite expensive, so whilst we can pull together a large sum potentially from a loan towards part of a purchase it would not be anywhere near the amount needed to buy anywhere- we have viewed places that have started at around £350,000 and need substantial work doing on them which of course can be done over time. These properties are hard to come by, so it is a case of jumping on them as soon as they come available. So this fundraiser is to start to build that vital pot so that when we find a place we are in a position to move forward. The funds will be ring-fenced from our usual daily activities (like kennel bills, vet bills, food etc.)

Thank you to everyone who supports us, who sees what we do and how desperate we are to try to make a difference in our lifetimes for all of those that suffer but that simply did nothing but be born. It has not been easy to put a fundraiser together, just getting by each month is a genuine struggle, but I know completely that this is an absolute necessity if we are to continue helping and to make a real difference with the time we are given on this earth for those who simply have no one else to turn to. I hope with all my heart that this will be more than just a pipe dream that I have carried for many, many years and I hope you will join us in making this happen. Thank you.

Multiple Ways to Support Us

We are always requiring spare dog food, toys, bedding and blankets. Due to the amount of dogs we take in, at times we run out of supplies to keep the balance and require community to keep going as we are a small team and a non profit organization.

We also often need donations to help us with fundraising for raffles, tombolas or our online auctions, these could include candles, gift sets, smellies/bath bits, new items/good condition items. Please contact us by email or phone if you have donations, if you are local to Thanet area we can arrange collection or a drop off point. (At present we are unable to take clothing or books) thank you!

You can also donate via our Amazon Wish List –

Amazon wish listWe also accept donations via Pay Pal

Donate to usYou can also support us via Thanet Lotto!

Whatever you can do to help will allow us to continue and give a help in hand to abused and poorly treated animals in need.