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Tunnel Rescue – Heroes At Hand!

Tunnel Rescue – Heroes At Hand!

I am so pleased to announce the safe return of, Otis. We were so shocked when Otis decided on  Wednesday’s walk, (17/12/2014), to run off into a hole in the cliff top! He then got stuck for around eight long hours, but with luck he was fed a short while before getting stuck, as I’m sure it was very stressful for Otis as it was for us and his foster parent. (Please never do that again, Otis, never scare us again like that!).

“He then got stuck for around eight long hours”

Local Search and Rescue Team At Hand!

Dog Tunnel Rescue 3We can not thank the Local Search and Rescue Team enough for the heroic efforts to save poor Otis from his predicaments. They did an incredible job of getting him out there as soon as they arrived. We have no idea how we would have got Otis out in time without their help and truly are grateful for their efforts!

“They did an incredible job of getting him out there as soon as they arrived.”

Safe and Sound – Otis Unharmed

Luckily Otis didn’t cause himself any injury and is now home, safe and snug with his foster parent. We are sure that he will sleep well after such a chaotic adventure. We are very pleased with his safe return.


Dog Tunnel Rescue 2(Here is Otis after shortly being saved from his stressful experience. We can assure you that  he is very happy to be out of there!)

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Angels4Dogs – Website Launch – Website Launch

A warm welcome to

I would like to welcome all of the newcomers to the website. We are still currently making some alterations, however most of the site is functional. We will be adding more dogs to the adoption page and will be actively posting updates on our recent endeavours. As well as more images of the wonderful dogs we have in care currently.

Spread the message, help our cause

Please feel free to share with the social bar bellow and to add any suggestions that we can make. We will be taking in feedback and suggestions at this time and look forward to your comments.

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Where to find more updates?

Make sure to check out our Facebook page if you can, we are always posting updates on there!
This is a great place to share and collaborate with other pet rescuers 😉

We are so very grateful at,  Angels4Dogs, for all of your support and donations, we truly would not have ever got this far if it wasn’t for the amount of help and altruism offered. Please feel free to donate or support us by buying something from our Amazon Wishlist – Thank you!

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