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Tunnel Rescue – Heroes At Hand!

Tunnel Rescue – Heroes At Hand!

I am so pleased to announce the safe return of, Otis. We were so shocked when Otis decided on  Wednesday’s walk, (17/12/2014), to run off into a hole in the cliff top! He then got stuck for around eight long hours, but with luck he was fed a short while before getting stuck, as I’m sure it was very stressful for Otis as it was for us and his foster parent. (Please never do that again, Otis, never scare us again like that!).

“He then got stuck for around eight long hours”

Local Search and Rescue Team At Hand!

Dog Tunnel Rescue 3We can not thank the Local Search and Rescue Team enough for the heroic efforts to save poor Otis from his predicaments. They did an incredible job of getting him out there as soon as they arrived. We have no idea how we would have got Otis out in time without their help and truly are grateful for their efforts!

“They did an incredible job of getting him out there as soon as they arrived.”

Safe and Sound – Otis Unharmed

Luckily Otis didn’t cause himself any injury and is now home, safe and snug with his foster parent. We are sure that he will sleep well after such a chaotic adventure. We are very pleased with his safe return.


Dog Tunnel Rescue 2(Here is Otis after shortly being saved from his stressful experience. We can assure you that  he is very happy to be out of there!)

Please leave comments bellow of any
rescues you have heard of or been
apart of. We
would love to hear from you!

Merry Christmas,

Angels4Dogs – Website Launch – Website Launch

A warm welcome to

I would like to welcome all of the newcomers to the website. We are still currently making some alterations, however most of the site is functional. We will be adding more dogs to the adoption page and will be actively posting updates on our recent endeavours. As well as more images of the wonderful dogs we have in care currently.

Spread the message, help our cause

Please feel free to share with the social bar bellow and to add any suggestions that we can make. We will be taking in feedback and suggestions at this time and look forward to your comments.

The graphic bellow will update us with your views, so please continue to share!


Where to find more updates?

Make sure to check out our Facebook page if you can, we are always posting updates on there!
This is a great place to share and collaborate with other pet rescuers 😉

We are so very grateful at,  Angels4Dogs, for all of your support and donations, we truly would not have ever got this far if it wasn’t for the amount of help and altruism offered. Please feel free to donate or support us by buying something from our Amazon Wishlist – Thank you!

Amazon wish listDonate to us
Wishing you a magical Christmas season!

Thank you as always,



The gift of Fostering

The gift of Fostering

I would just like to raise the level of awareness of fostering. Foster homes have been a very important part of, Angels4dogs, we are continually grateful for the amount of support that we have received from those that take in and care for dogs, while they wait for their forever home.

I would like to raise awareness on a few basic ground bases –

We don’t place our dogs to children under 6.
It is completely fine for you to have another dog, as long as it is spayed.
We believe that the dogs shouldn’t be left for 4 hours at a time – however this adjustable based on circumstances.

We continue to be surprised at the level of support we receive from the communities and encourage any donations, whether it be beds/food/blankets, all can be put to use to give warmth, health and comfort to the dogs we take in.

Thank you as always,




Quiz Night – Funds for Romania!

Quiz Night – Funds for Romania!

I am so pleased to be able to host this very necessary event. Simona is a wonderful woman, who has made it her dedication to help those in need.

Whose lovely faces will we be seeing here??? 🙂 22nd November….a great night to help raise much needed funds for Simona, a rescue lady in Romania, who has over 140 dogs to care for! We are aiming to raise £1000 to send to her in order to build some new kennels to help keep the dogs warm in the coming winter. Last year we paid for her to build kennels when she had 60 dogs- now she has over double that amount! Please come along and have a good night for a great cause!!!!

Angels 4 Dogs Quiz Night

November 22, 2014, 7:00pm – November 22, 2014, 4:00pm

Kearns Hall, Grenham Bay Avenue, Minnis Bay, CT7 9NX

QUIZ NIGHT All proceeds to Angels 4 Dogs Kearns Hall, Grenham Bay Avenue, Minnis Bay, CT7 9NX Saturday 22nd November 2014 From: 7pm-10pm Please come along and support your local dog rescue. £7.00 per person, includes refreshments and snacks. Maximum of 6 per team. Bumper Raffle and Tombola. Call 07808868689 to pay and reserve your table in advance.

Please click this link – If you are able to come and join us!
FacebookThis is sure to be a barking great night 😉


Community Rejoice

Community Rejoice

We have now been able to gather enough food and bedding to send out to, Romania, on the 30th of October!

This is so exciting for us, when we saw these dogs and their suffering, we knew we had to do something for them. I would like to personally thank all of you that have donated, this really means so much to these severely disadvantaged animals.

Setting sights far

As we build up this organization, we are able to do our part to help in any way we can and we truly rely on the community to give us a help in hand. This is just the beginning of a very large
climb, but together we can do this!

Thank you


Rescue at hand

Rescue at hand

Welcome to Angels 4 Dogs!

We are a small, not for profit rescue which began back in 2011 when we found ourselves being increasingly asked to help with people’s unwanted dogs. It made sense to start Angels 4 Dogs as we are all passionate animal lovers who want one thing; to save as many as we can.

 Rescue at hand

Our passion is for all animals and although we predominantly work with dogs, if we can help an animal we will not say no!


Angels 4 Dogs is entirely not for profit and most of the funds come from our own pockets. We rely on your support and donations to do what we do. We do not have charity shops and you’ll find us often out and about fundraising at local events and bootfairs!


If you’re interested in getting involved with fundraising then please email Yasmine at

Keeping them safe

We do not have our own kennels and most of the rehoming is done from our own homes or from foster homes. Occasionally we have to use public kennels to board emergencies and this is often what drains funds. We try our very hardest not to turn people away and to give some sort of option for rehoming through us.

 Adoption Fee

Our adoption fee is £150 this covers some of the costs for kennelling, food, neutering/spaying, vaccinating, de-fleaing and worming and chipping. This is aside from any other illnesses the dogs come to us with. The adoption fee helps towards new dogs coming into our care and to continue the work we do.

  Other details
  • We have a STRICT neutering/spaying policy and any puppies adopted through us will go out on a neutering contract to be done at 6 months of age.We aim to match you up with the right dog the first time; so we carry out homechecks to meet you and get to know you and who would be most suitable for you.We offer a life time rescue back up for all dogs in our care, so should anything go wrong they will always have a safety net with us.